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Get Slashed Perth

We Ship Oz Wide - Old Fashioned service

Sales, Hire, Service & Contracting 9am to 9pm WA time, We Sell Oz wide

We Contract Perth WA Region.

Monday thru Sunday Email: [email protected]

Call 7 Days - 0439697750

Hi Im Robert from Get Slashed AU,


Our Goal was to establish a Reputable business that recomends machines to property owners and contractors Australia wide. I am qualified with a marketing degree, yet I yearned for true and honest advice when purchasing machines for the contracting part of Get Slashed. What we discovered was a lack of any advice based on experience. It was hard expensive lessons to learn. We quickly saw an opportunity to establish a business the sold machines based on Real life use and application. Get Slashed contracting was born.

So yes every year we put bums on seats, cutting, slashing and chopping properties in the WA region of Perth. The picture you see are real and are of Get Slashed putting equipment thru its paces. This experience along with many years refurbishing ride on mowers lead to the support of major brands such as Toro and Peruzzo.

Today we sell Australia wide to purchasers who have learnt to trust the advice of a contractor over the hype of sales people. We have even sold internationally with a machine shipped to Fiji. 

Why would people buy from me? Such a random guy Way way over in Perth, its called the motivation to help people, so that clientsmay not suffer the pain, cost and frustration of getting it wrong. The marketing experience allows me to also provide business experince and support.

As to contracting in 2021 and beyond. I have been thru heart disease in the past year, yet find myself on new machines that i have modified for slashing work in WA conditions. Yet in order to work smarter and easier we will introduce with the support of Peruzzo Australia and Euro turf a new Low emission HYBRID remote mower. Look under REMOTE MOWER for more details.

For our most upto date pics and info got to GET SLASHED PERTH on FB, or call 0439 697 750


Please call! 

0439 697 750 thats your 1st point of contact, we arent desperate for your work. SO a 1 line text will be ignored, you are simply being disrespectful. Im to old fashioned for good reason to be treated in that fashion. I may not answer as on a machine, so then feel free to email - [email protected]. with The I Need section completed

***** I NEED SECTION ****   

1- Your full name

2- property to be slashed address

3- your Personal / Business address and Contact number

4- instructions to me

5- Any letters from councils

7- SEND PICTURES via email, NOT TO MY PHONE, Please email them

8- Identify Block size, Sloping or uneven terrain, potential hazards, dumping on block, rocks, trees, wire, Grass Type if u know.

9- Water Meter location


See Equipment used for a range of the gear used in our business or Email us

Those services now include -

  • Commercial Mowing See Gallery Before & After
  • Commercial Slashing
  • Commercial Paddock Mulching
  • NEW remote mower for difficault to access or dangerous mowing applications
  • Business advice
  • Personal Service with a 5 Star rating

We have introduced " Get Slashed " as a formal part of our business to provide our clients with a trustworthy and honest service. We get the job done, in many cases below the estimate cost.